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Curtain Making and Interior Decoration

Anthony Cowie has been making curtains for around 50 years in Kent. Using the latest trends in design and fabrics, we can offer tailored ready made solution to your cherished home. We hold a huge range of fabrics supplied by leading fabric companies. Our workshop has all the necessary equipment and experience to provide for every practicle window layout. Plus, with our free fitting service you do not have the bother of having putting them up yourself. Why get your hands dirty? That is where many online curtain sales fall short in customer service. We bridge that lack of detail.

Tie Back CurtainsChoosing a dark colour for your curtains and of hanging them against a light coloured wall, you will need to be aware that they will make a strong decorative statement. It is far better to lighten the colour of your curtains or darken the colour on the walls in order avoid a strong contrast.

When matching floor coverings, there are lots of different options to choose from. Sisal and its modern day derivatives will always be popular, although they do not give the comfort and luxurious feel of a woollen carpet. Using the same coloured carpet throughout the whole house is well worth considering but think about using neutral or pastel colours. This will allow for less adjustment in choosing the single colour schemes in every room.

TOP TIP: Anthony Cowie advises to leave the paint colour or wallpaper design until last. This helps to make the fundamental choices of fabrics, floor coverings and room accessories a lot easier. Choose Anthony Cowie quality and experience for your curtain making in Kent.