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Interior Design Trends 2006

For 2006, one predominant theme that is influencing the landscape of interior design is the continuing emergence of an interest in decorating using earthly tones and homey, comfortable looks. Instead of jumping at the flashy and ostentatious, more people are opting for a design look that speaks of a down-to-earth hominess. Interior design trends for 06 will be comfortable, family friendly interior designs designs that warm and personalize spaces.

Interior DesignThis means making the most of what they've already got. With oil prices expected to continue rising, and with people tucking into home more, many interior design clients are asking for advice on how to use the home furnishings they already have in innovative ways, rather than having to invest in a whole new look. Refinishing, reworking and restoring to give old pieces new life. Shop for antiques or retro items that fit into the style you are going for." But this doesn't mean there aren't interior design clients who want to update the look of their home.

Design trends toward simplicity in window fashions, with clients bringing down the chintz drapes and replacing them with window treatments that have a more contemporary look. This means people are exploring the use of different materials in their window coverings

Multiple textures within the room add interest without adding color. Increasing use of textured materials is definitely on the rise. When color is used, the natural tones continue to surge in popularity. Style trends seem to be leaning towards appreciating the outdoors and incorporating nature in our interiors. Organic colors seem to be more popular. Warm colors of the sunset, greens found in the backyard and the neutrals. We will continue to see earth tones but in more saturated hues such as rich chocolate browns, gold, burnt orange and rust, olive greens, smoky eucalyptus blue/green, and mysterious deep blue/gray. Popular color choices will be earthy, natural colors with touches of bolder colors for accent. Color combinations really set the stage chocolate with ice blue for a contemporary look rich gold with moss green for more traditional looks.

Almost all homes have a computer, but not all homes have space for a home office. Oftentimes the challenge is in integrating the electronics in such a way that "the computer desk doesn't look like it dropped from the sky into the family room. You need to be creative to include the computer desk into the dining room without losing the aesthetic of the dining room".

The wall-mountable flat screen television allows for great versatility in terms of incorporating the electronic into a room. Media is peeking its way into every room, from the bedroom to the living room. Flat screen TV's are in for good and can be camouflaged with art.

As the population ages, there's an increased need for "universal design" design that can accommodate the widest range of people's capabilities, from those using wheelchairs to those who have sight challenges. There is increasingly a need for spaces that are "easily navigated with assistive devises, yet comfortable for others using the space." Making our living spaces accessible for our family and friends, no matter their mobility, is now and will continue to be very important.

Whether it is decorating a second home or getting the courage to simplify your own draperies, staying on top of design trends can help you remain current and also help you expand your repertoire.