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Colours and Interior Decoration

There are no hard and fast rules about choosing colours. Create your own sense of harmony by creating your own colour spectrum. It really is not wise to go for a colour purely because it is in vogue at the moment

It is best to steer clear of strong colours on the walls in rooms that you use very frequently. Go for paler tones, creams, grey-greens, blue-greys and ivories. Hall and staircases however are often neglected in terms of interesting colour schemes, but they are important as they make a first impression on entering the house. Use colours to create ambienceAs we spend little time in them, merely passing through, then they can take a stronger shade.

Begin by considering the colour of all the elements in the room, not just the flat surfaces. It may well be that you already have many items of furniture, accessories or soft furnishings that you will have to incorporate into the scheme.

When using a large expanse of colour, remember that it will always appear darker and stronger than you imagine from having seen just a small fabric swatch

TOP TIP: Buy a small sample pot and paint a large section on a piece of scrap plasterboard or something similar. Move it around the room and look at it at different times of the day. The depth of colour will also vary depending on the surface to which is applied and the amount of light it receives. If in doubt, always go for a shade lighter.