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Quality Fabrics and Interior Decoration

Always buy the best you can afford. Try to manage with a few good quality items to start with and then expand later.

If you cannot afford to buy an expensive fabric then buy a more affordable material and have it made up really well. A cheaper fabric can look very much more impressive if it has been quilted. A quilted cushion will always look expensive and will crease less easily. You could even consider quilting a larger expanse of fabric for curtains or use a quilted upholstery fabric on a small chair or stool for extra effect.

Buy what you can affordAim to have your home feeling welcoming and comfortable. Pile cushions on a sofa, and add a woolen throw to make the room feel inviting. If everything is new then you will miss out on having a few faded and well-worn items that perhaps have happy memories or are of sentimental value.

TOP TIP: Mix a very good quality item with something simple or ordinary for contrast.