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Curtain Poles

If you have spent a decent amount of money on beautiful curtain fabrics for your home the next step is to choose the right curtain pole. Choose carefully so that you do not upset the balance of your decor. It makes sense too, as realistically, not all curtain poles will suit every type of fabric.

Anthony Cowie has over 50 years experience in window treatments. Use our free service to advise you on the best mixes and matches of fabrics and poles. We come to you and show you a range of what we think will match your room design, fabric and uses. It`s that simple. What most online companies selling you window treatments will not or cannot do is measure up or fit the poles for you. We will measure and fit the poles if you decide to make a purchase.

There are now many types of Curtain Poles for as many uses or design criteria as there are poles. Modern Corded curtain poles offer a much better funtional use than uncorded curtain poles. Finials, midials and tie-backs can be added to accessorise your individual taste and room design. Corded curtain poles have the benefit of avoiding the risk of soiling your treasured curtain fabric by every day handling. Fitment to straight or bay windows.

Corded Curtain Poles
Curtain Poles

Uncorded Curtain Poles

Uncorded curtain poles offer a decorative finish to a window that curtain tracks do not. Also suitable for normal flat windows or bay windows, Again, as with Corded Curtain Poles, midials, finials and tie-backs, are available to create a high quality room appearance.

Curtain Poles are now manufactured to match the contemporary design features of modern living. The right curtain pole can really highlight your curtains and your windows. More recent styles include wooden, metal, glass or a plastic. Plastic poles can offer a mix of value for money whilst retaining the “look” you wish.

Wooden Poles can use turned wooden rings to attach the curtains, especially aesthetic looking if you have wooden furniture to match.

A more recent and popular type of curtain pole is Wrough Iron. These poles offer a more traditional designs with finials of Heraldic looks, similar to Fleur-de-lis shapes. Used with matching wrought iron rings and tie-backs you really are talking quality look and feel for your beloved home.

We can now offer Bamboo curtain poles to match Cane furniture. Often used in conservatories or relexation rooms in the home. In a choice of finishes if you do not require the natural look.

UnCorded Curtain Pole

Venicia Curtain Poles

Venicia styles of curtain pole will add an imperial look to your room. Very highly decorative, inspired by the Venetian architectural designers, theses poles will make you feel like a King. Or Queen!

Curtain Poles
Decorative Curtain Poles
Decorative Curtain Poles